I worry, you know


I worry, you know
What would you, smitten by the magically logical sirens of dot and com
Do with my paltry thoughts
Of a tom not so yum
And eyes that hide inside them - two cold feet.

Of deja vu
And tea for two
And Marilyn Monroe
And the funny, sweet quirk at the corner of your mouth
That won't go away even when I tell it to....

I worry, you know
What would you, who seeks bliss
In the kiss of the spider of the world wide web
Do with my butterfly thoughts
Of basil leaves
Of the Sphinx and the long, still
Seas of silences that stretch
Between me and a 50-year old man with a little boy's hands
That I want so badly to take into mine.........
(51, I know, but I worry
As you can see....
About other things - like you and me..................

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